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Workshop Compressors CLASSIC Series


Technical specification

Series Classic
Displacement: 210 to 460 l/min
Pressure: 10 bar


CLASSIC compressors – Unrivalled quality and value

Standardised components and a focus on well-established models ensure that KAESER's "Classic" compressors provide outstanding quality, value and performance.
Every “Classic” model is equipped with an exclusive KAESER compressor block to guarantee optimum reliability and long service life.
In fact the whole compressor package is engineered for maximum durability – every “Classic” compressor is manufactured, assembled and tested in the KAESER reciprocating compressor production centre in Coburg, Germany.

compressor block   KAESER compressor block
The compressor block forms the heart of the unit and is manufactured at KAESER’s main production facility in Coburg, Germany. All KAESER “Classic” compressor products feature durable pistons, piston rings, conrods, bearings and crank flanges to ensure long service life and optimal performance.
valves   Stainless steel valves
The valve reeds in the corrosion resistant stainless steel valves are fitted with heat dissipating lift limiters to ensure air-tight valve closure and extended service life.
Fluid   High-grade lubricating fluid
Every KAESER workshop compressor is filled with special high-grade lubricating fluid that virtually eliminates build up of oil-carbon deposits on the valves. In addition, the fluid enables the lubrication change interval to be doubled to approximately 1000 operating hours (or 2 years).
Precision machining   Precision machining
Using the most advanced manufacturing processes and with more than 80 years of experience in precision engineering, KAESER’s skill and expertise guarantees products of the very highest quality.
final assembly   Meticulous assembly
The care that is taken in the production of a compressor block is also taken at every stage of compressor assembly.
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