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Zyklonabscheider ZK 061 bis ZK 10 mit elektronisch gesteuerter Kondensatableiter (empfohlen). Komplett-Set mit Anbauteilen

Fluid separator


Technical specifications

Series: ZK
Flow rate: 3.0 – 21.0 m³/min
Working pressure: max. 16 bar

Series: FA
Flow rate: 18.5 – 88.5 m³/min
Working pressure: max. 16 bar

Series: FA-HP
Flow rate: 1.8- 36.7 m³/min
Working pressure: max. 45 bar


KAESER fluid separators remove large volumes of condensate, as well as larger particulate matter, from the compressed air. Thanks to their optimised spin and separator elements, they are able to achieve an exceptionally stable degree of separation of up to 99 % across their typical application range (20 - 100 % of their rated flow volume).

KAESER ZK series centrifugal separators featuring durable aluminium enclosures are used for flow volumes up to 21 m³/min. Optional 'complete sets' comprising electronic level-sensing ECO-DRAIN condensate drains, as well as all necessary connection components, are available for on-site installation.

In addition, KAESER FA series fluid separators featuring high quality stainless steel enclosures are available for flow volumes up to 88.5 m³/min. The scope of delivery includes an electronic level-sensing ECO-DRAIN condensate drain, as well as all necessary connection components (for on-site installation).


Installed between the compressor and refrigeration dryer as required, this increases the fluid separator's effectiveness and reserves. The required pressure dew point can therefore be maintained even at higher ambient temperatures. KAESER centrifugal separators are maintenance-free.

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