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Find out about the latest product developments, offers and news from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.

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Achema: Compressed Air Masters



Energy cost savings, as well as outstanding reliability, efficiency and durability – Kaeser Kompressoren demonstrates innovative compressed air solutions that deliver maximum quality with exceptionally economical performance. Where? At Achema – Hall 8.0, Stand A4.

The chemical and process engineering sectors are amongst the largest industrial consumers of compressed air - and wherever large volumes of compressed air are used there is usually scope for significant energy and cost savings. Kaeser’s oil-free compression rotary screw compressors were designed specifically with these advantages in mind. When combined with the innovative i.HOC rotation dryer, these innovative systems not only deliver highly efficient and economical performance, but also reliably achieve stable pressure dew points to minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Oil-free and space-saving

The new Contain-Air product solution from Kaeser also provides an excellent source of oil-free compression compressed air. Integrated inside a standard shipping container, these powerful yet compact compressed air stations feature a CSG or DSG-series rotary screw compressor equipped with an integrated rotation dryer. Oil-free compression is used to produce quality compressed air. Since the container can be flexibly positioned anywhere on company property (a flat surface is the only requirement), there’s no need for costly investment in a separate compressor room. These compact compressed air stations also reliably and efficiently deliver oil-free compression compressed air with a pressure dew point to minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Sigma Air Manager 4.0

The Sigma Air Manager 4.0 is a must for any application where optimal compressed air station control is required. This advanced compressed air management system perfectly coordinates all of the components within a compressed air system whilst also ensuring maximum availability and energy efficiency at all times – thanks to its improved 3D-Advanced Control. Aside from these key functions, it also serves as the central hub and key requirement for enabling Industrie 4.0 services, such as permanent energy management and predictive maintenance.

Kaeser Contain-AirThe new Kaeser Contain-Air compressed air station: a compact, powerful and mobile source of oil-free compression compressed air – rapidly deployable and highly reliable.

Rotary screw compressors
sigmaIcon  ESD series: Energy-savings as standard    
sigmaIcon  Sigma Profil with reluctance motor: An unbeatable one-two combination    
sigmaIcon  Kaeser Contain-Air: Ready for immediate duty    
sigmaIcon  DSD rotary screw compressors: The next generation    
sigmaIcon  CSD/CSDX: Energy savings with IE4 motors    
sigmaIcon  Rotary screw compressors: DSDX – the next generation    
sigmaIcon  “Aircenter” – compact, energy-saving compressed air systems    
sigmaIcon  New dry-runners from Kaeser    
sigmaIcon  Kaeser introduces new ASK series    
sigmaIcon  i.HOC celebrates world premiere    
sigmaIcon  IE4 motor debut    
sigmaIcon  ESD series: Energy-savings as standard    
sigmaIcon  ‘Aircenter’ for flow rates up to 2.7 m³/min    
sigmaIcon  Kaeser presents the SK rotary screw compressor series    
sigmaIcon  The energy-saving SXC compact compressed air system    
sigmaIcon  The redesigned SX rotary screw compressor range from Kaeser Kompressoren    
sigmaIcon  The variable speed FSD rotary screw compressor from KAESER    
sigmaIcon  The redesigned SM compressor range from Kaeser Kompressoren    
sigmaIcon  The new FSD rotary screw compressor series from Kaeser    
Reciprocating compressors
sigmaIcon  Boosters: Quieter, more compact and with frequency control    
sigmaIcon  “Premium compact”: Portable compressed air power    
sigmaIcon  “Classic” series workshop compressors from Kaeser    
sigmaIcon  "Airbox" & "Airbox Center" – High quality compressed air production    
sigmaIcon  Quiet and efficient: 'Dental' series compressors from Kaeser    
sigmaIcon  "Airbox Dental" & "Airbox Center Dental" – High quality compressed air production    
sigmaIcon  Eurocomp reciprocating compressors    
sigmaIcon  “Premium Car” workshop compressors from Kaeser    
sigmaIcon  KCT: Efficient & versatile ‘dry-running’ reciprocating compressors    
sigmaIcon  The versatile “Premium compact 450/30 W” workshop compressor    
sigmaIcon  The new “Premium compact 350/30 W” workshop compressor    
sigmaIcon  Boosters now available in the lower performance range    
sigmaIcon  Mobile compressed air for the workshop    
sigmaIcon  Price-effective production of compressed air up to 25 bar    
Portable compressors
sigmaIcon  Electric portable compressors: The ideal alternative    
sigmaIcon  One for all: M125 the flexible powerhouse    
sigmaIcon  The next generation Mobilair 57 Utility: The ride-along compressed air supply for maximum flexibility    
sigmaIcon  The Mobilair M171    
sigmaIcon  New: Mobilair M 31 portable compressor with PE enclosure    
sigmaIcon  The "Mobilair 50" portable compressor with durable PE enclosure    
sigmaIcon  “Mobilair 135” portable compressor with generator    
sigmaIcon  The Mobilair 13, 15 & 17 portable compressors from KAESER    
sigmaIcon  “Mobilair 43” portable compressor with PE enclosure: User-friendly, efficient and powerful    
sigmaIcon  The “Mobilair 200” with “Sigma Control Mobile”    
sigmaIcon  The optimised "Mobilair 123" portable compressor from Kaeser    
sigmaIcon  The new “Mobilair 170“ portable compressor with "Sigma Control mobile"    
sigmaIcon  Mobilair 122 – Portable Compressed Air Efficiency    
sigmaIcon  The Mobilair 36-G and 45-G portable compressors from Kaeser    
sigmaIcon  The New ‘Mobilair 100’ Portable Compressor from Kaeser    
sigmaIcon  The New M 64 Portable Compressor From Kaeser:    
sigmaIcon  Powerful, Quiet and Durable    
Air treatment
sigmaIcon  New high performance filters from Kaeser Kompressoren    
sigmaIcon  New refrigeration dryer with innovative thermal storage technology    
sigmaIcon  New refrigeration dryers Kryosec    
sigmaIcon  New refrigeration desiccant dryer Hybritec for large air volumes    
sigmaIcon  Air-main charging systems save energy and safeguard compressed air quality.    
sigmaIcon  Kaeser 'Aquamat' for optimised compressed air condensate treatment    
sigmaIcon  The New Kaeser ‘Hybritec’ Compressed Air Dryer    
sigmaIcon  Kaeser's new heatless regenerated desiccant air dryer    
sigmaIcon  Even more savings in compressed air drying    
sigmaIcon  Efficient and Reliable Compressed Air Treatment    
sigmaIcon  Heat recovery saves energy and minimises costs    
Air accessories
sigmaIcon  Hose reels for portable compressors    
sigmaIcon  HBS Screw Blowers: Peak Performance for the Entire Control Range    
sigmaIcon  CBS Screw Blowers: Powerful Performance in a Compact Package    
sigmaIcon  Screw blowers: Quiet and efficient    
sigmaIcon  Exceptional efficiency: EBS and FBS blowers    
sigmaIcon  Airend expertise for blowers    
sigmaIcon  Rotary blowers now available with Sigma Control 2    
sigmaIcon  Rotary blowers with aftercooler: The DB 166 C and DB 236 C    
sigmaIcon  "CBC": Turn-key rotary blowers with integrated power supply equipment    
sigmaIcon  The new series of turnkey rotary blowers    
sigmaIcon  The “Omega PV” rotary blower with pre-inlet cooling    
sigmaIcon  ACAs – Perfect for temperature-sensitive blower applications    
Vacuum pumps
sigmaIcon  Rotary screw vacuum packages with new, efficient controllers    
sigmaIcon  Sigma Air Utility: Just buy the compressed air!    
sigmaIcon  Sigma Smart Air: Maintenance with pinpoint precision    
sigmaIcon  Bring your costs back to Earth with KAESER    
sigmaIcon  Sigma Air Service – Comprehensive maintenance and servicing    
sigmaIcon  "Compressed Air Engineering"    
sigmaIcon  Teleservice improves compressor availability and economy    
sigmaIcon  Technology of the future: Low Pressure 4.0    
sigmaIcon  Join the Kaeser Network    
sigmaIcon  SAM 4.0 dental: Tomorrow’s technology, today    
sigmaIcon  SAM 4.0: Tomorrow’s technology, today    
sigmaIcon  Integrated intelligence: Sigma Control 2    
Company news
sigmaIcon  Secotec TF refrigeration dryer wins gold    
sigmaIcon  International technology prize    
sigmaIcon  Kaeser Products: EMC Tested and Certified    
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